washing instructions

And tips how to keep it Long lasting


Here's for you tips and helps for your order from us, the product. (Bag & Shirt)


Here for the design clothes washing instructions.

Iron/flatiron : with no more than 150℃/302℉

wash water : careful wash/delicates 30℃/86℉

tumble dryer : not recommended

- Bleach not recommended. 

- Washing with others, sort laundry according to color, wash light and dark clothes in separately.

- Drying with air in a hanger.


Here for the bags instructions.

for using cleaning to leather bags.

Iron/flatiron : cannot use.

Inside-wash water : careful hand wash in handwork water.

tumble dryer : cannot use.

- Do not attrition the leather whit tower or any cleaning tool. And don't use to clean surface with solvent products, it's destroy the materials.

- Bleach, do not use for leather. 

- Drying with inside full of paper (to absorb moisture from the inside*) outside carefully wiping with soft tower.

- Drying whit air.

* remember to change the papers inside twice and leave the zipper little bit open for the air to change.


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