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About this product:


♘ Bag is Fully made from Leather.

♘ The insides are made from fabric.

     (color is shifting )

♘ Customer can choose does he want for bags strap made from: 


A. full (fabrig/leather mix)

B. with sparking hard plastic edition

 only the top for shoulder area.


If you want those champagne glasses are avaiable from http://www.sevenon.fi

here are picture's from horse theme glass what they have.

they're Hand made by glass art Sevenon OY


♘ Handmade unique fashion bags,

for everyday use or for picnic.

Unisex product, For all age & style.

If you are interested to buy full unique design product?
Take a contact:


Thank you for shopping with us.



Design by Elina Wättö, EeWeDesign OY

Clothing and bag maker/sewer Mrs. Teija

All pictures are © copyrighted by EeWeDesign OY

Unique Design Bag- Vintage Horse

2 000,00 € Regular Price
1 200,00 €Sale Price
inside class bag covers colors
Strap made (hihna)
agree before buying - agreements
  • ☆バックナンバー 2



    ¥212 469,10

    (Finland+24%: 279 564,60¥)


    ☆ 含む :

    ・カバン 一個



    ☆ 含める、ハンドメイドのデザイン





    ☆ 発送は2週間以内になります。


    ☆ 吊り所のマテリアルを選んで下さい。

    (( strap ) 英語で)

    ・生地. とか



    ☆ 私達はまたから顧客に選ぶように頼みます

    A. to L. 一つのシャンパングラス風。


    ガラスアートSevenon OY製ハンドメイド


    ☆ あなたが完全にユニークなデザイン製品を買うことに




    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ いつもありがとうございますた。☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

  • Shipping will be inside of two (2) weeks.


    If theres something goes proken between the shipping or at in first try,

    customers have 7 days time to send it back to us for re makeing.


    Makeing one design,

    1. Inside 24hours we start to makeing the order.
    2. In 2 weeks we send it to costomer in baggage.

    We always send for customer the details when its done and

    sended to customer informations about it.

    If you have more questions?

    see up meny/more/questions

    Take a contact to us by emailing

    if you dont find for your question an answer.

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Questions & Media contact address

⦿ eewedesign (at) gmail (dot) com

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