PANTS+SHIRTx2 (TheWaves)

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About this product:
where was this design!
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♡ 2019 spring edition what was in Helsinki at fashion show.
♡ The gray colooured silk fabrick in top and bottom are made from famous
japanese silk fabrick, Oshima Tsumugi.
♡ The under shirt is also by Oshima Tsumugi- silk fabric with
Elina's desings style.
♡ The yellow/white fabric is dasic satin.
♡ The name comes because the fabrick is by the famous maker from
Japan, KAGOSHIMA-CITY . It have keep it's traditional styles for making high quality
silk fabric for the kimonos for many centuries and still continues the same teknicues and methos what make's the company high and Elina is the first outside designer for working with them history. Also the style is not normal for the traditional kimono so Elina have's it's own design to give the personality look for it.
♡ For all age & style.
♡ All our products are Handmade
with unique fashion design for everyday use or party.
At the picture you see product made by -Elina Wättö
she designs the models and styles to make good look.
This special collection also haves Fashionmodelagency-finland
owned photograps from the show.
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Thank you for shopping with us.
Design by Elina Wättö, EeWeDesign OY
Clothing and bag maker/sewer Mrs. Teija
All pictures are © copyrighted by EeWeDesign OY

Shipping will be inside of two (2) weeks.


If theres something goes proken between the shipping or at in first try,

customers have 7 days time to send it back to us for re makeing.


Makeing one design,

  1. Inside 24hours we start to makeing the order.
  2. In 2 weeks we send it to costomer in baggage.

We always send for customer the details when its done and

sended to customer informations about it.

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