Fashion work and school

Hi everyone! now I am started for making the new collection.

it's more #rock #style but also as #hiphop .I like space, colors, symmetry and all kind of shapes so these are the theme. At instagram I upload more pictures when I am king of them.

(follow here to see @official_eewedesign )

I have also now started for a year a school with graphics designing with computer! I LOOOVE IT! so happy now! I have now enjoyed for every day! I start to upload here some post from my practice works from school. And today 21.8. I made this colorful cloudy scenery and one character design, He's frog-mail men.


First days we have been getting to know each others and for me I was little #scared because my school life until now have been hard because I am very bright person, but here, they accept me! I was so pleased and now everyday I am excited to going for school haha so odd for me to think that...

Also at next to me is nice guy who helps me often. I would be in big trouble because I need some one to help me with founding bottoms and what to do and from where, I'm so pleased that I can ask from he and he (seems) haha to be happy to help, and I have a lot of fun!

Also I have now meet there many wonderful peoples and everyday I meet more.

It's hard to write in words how I feel but shortly one word : happy

Im just happy from my heart :TTwTT:

Fashion fashion fashion... I am sorry for keep you waiting! at 2020 I am trying for fashion show and show there more! so at #instagram you can see my progress and some #sneakpeaks from upcoming. I am searching for #investor or #parners to continue, I need people around me to work with fashion design from here to future...


Also at next week Monday we start to use more different apps and there's some apps what I have dreamed for long long long time to learn! SO EXCITED!!! I try after school to continue #fashion and some #cosplay and I will start extra #work to get my school paid.

I hope you will enjoy my upcoming works and I hope you can buy some designs from collections here!

See you soon! By ElinaW



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