Weee they are soon here!

Halloween sonic

First stickers comes at weekend (19.10.) to online shop!

-Sonic Ghost

-Shadow Vampire


-Sonadow Hug

Second round will come (21.10.) Attention, Pre-order opens*

-Dr. Eggman Pumpking (Large)

-Knuckles Pirate

-Silver Rome-style


Shadow the hedgehog Vampire

Theme stickers are available at season time, in the product haves writings in information when they are able to buy. * 21.10. the link opens but because the Syysloma/autumnholiday,

at next week Monday 28.10. the stickers will be sanded to buyers.

More stickers are coming, if you have some wishes, please leave a comment to: eewedesign at gmail .com .Also I ask customers to understand, that I am making first time sticker and I hope I get some comments how you like and think. Also I say all ready now that if some sticker haves "printer cut" small pease from some corner, I am super sorry it was my mistake but next print round that problem is all ready now solved, only one or two haves it.

Thank you.



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⦿ eewedesign (at) gmail (dot) com

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