A girl with loaded so much sunshine.

Here's Elina... were usual himself, Fun, lively, impassioned and strong Earth angel.

She's heart haves sadness but with strong

will power and mind, she have started to conquer the world to know that " I have it what it takes!" and those feelings have lift

Elina and still does until she's 5 life work

have done...

Welcome to explore the HISTORY of Elina's fashion TO UNTIL NOW.

Story of


The word "HOPE" or "SISUA" was everyday in Elina's mind when going to vocational school

where wasn't any good friends just one to have some chat and the rest where bullies.

Elina haves much of courage even to walk or ride a bicycle forward

in snow -25 decree every day early morning near 7 o'clock 20 km to a place with "sharks"

where isn't people to understand she,but for willing to learn...

"I have to learn"

From the factory-sewing vocational school she did learn how to make patterns and clothes as factory style.

Not designing or much about fashion, just only the normal etiquettes.

So the Elina's ideas & designs comes straight from the sky, literally.

That is she's motto.Elina did make the collection "ZERO" everyday after school when she did get home.

As for Elina is colors very important, She can see in he's mind what combination

seems to be good in different situations. Elina loves to make color harmony.

When she is making a design, some little details are carefully set

to look good to "eat".

The Balance is very important for she. Chases and corners are very interesting.

When asked about...

"White t-shirt... is for me boring design"

-Why so?

"Where the story in it is!?"

For Elina's Designs have a theme, story of it own. You need to know the name of the dress/special clothes

to know how to read it the story. For Elina, she's designs are more ART than clothes.

Thats why she docent make as multi factor, she makes small collections and some designs

to duplicate to people for buy for them self, but also making it that way that there's only

one even it is "multi" factored to for online shop. She want's also to make other peoples dreams to come true.

Elina skas that "My design is more ART what can WEAR to feel BEAUTIFUL from outside to inside than

just a clothing what you wear everyday."

From 2012 July Elina did get an odd message to she phone, From old business & musical old man.

So it was - too good to be true.  Then did  7 years past by and it was for Elina very hard time.

For she dream sake she keep all in, for making the purpose of she life to come true... keeping all in.

(read full story here (link coming soon still under writing))

" No one CANNOT hold the SECRETS what have happened it will SOON or LATER break"

and if it sad things, It will hurt hearts.

Every year what did past by Elina did see that here's not everything all right.

In the 2018 December it did turn out to be just as -too good to be true.

Elina was controlled by him and now finally get rid of him,  So now finally Elina can start the mission

what she haves in this world!

"Every day learns much more, now I CONTINUE with NEW and BETTER POWER!

so GET LOST old heavy wretched shadows, so Get off me!"





Elina have's always asked from everyone a HELPING hand.

Still Elina is reaches out to found it, what she have discovered that from FINLAND

she cannot found it. Elina haves literally asked almost every corner that can be

in business places what have found and reached for -"I'm sorry but ..."

is the answer.

Elina still continues, until now it have been like a heavy snow and cold winter

wind to walking for forward but 2019 did turn out..

-"I see the sky to get clear!"

NOW Elina haves Spring full of events and much going on.

-"it's seems that the battle to walking the heavy snow have finally turned away and

now I feel that this year  will be my year to show up!"

Elina have still much Hope for to FUTURE.

But still she needs somebody to help.

She is tired and still reaching for the - HOPE



The Finding a WAY

These last two years Elina have get done much by him self.

Running from A place to C and then to D

That was 2017 December.

From early morning to Helsinki by Train to

meet -KIITOS ONLINE SHOP shop owner.

Elina did ask is there possible to cooperated with Kiitos shop.

After the meetings Elina did add she's first shirt collection to Kiitos shop webpage.


Life is like a painting

As first you have white plank label where to draw, that's you.

Some point in life there's peoples who try to add to you some colors what you don't want to... After time and you are full of all kind of colors , they will mix up to become dark, green & dark gray color... You are full up to top... screaming for help... and one point the wood bones gives you a shake and all the added colors will fall and that moment you take a brush and add new white in you. And some color what you are...

Picture at the right haves the idea of upper story. Now the white and new colors have shake the all other added things away and started with new and fresh start.

(Picture taken by Ofimia)


See full writing & interview from Kiitos shop in Japanese at link bellow.

CHAPTER 2 continues...

It was not a easy task for Elina,

At November, right after the meeting Elina started to take

contact to different places who could help to make the patterns.

"Found iittttt haha"

Then Elina started to get know more about ms. Teija ( who is still working with

Elina now, making leather bags.)

"Catch itttt"

After patterns, prototypes... it wasn't cheap thing to do...

Elina did pay total as 2000€ and more from own tiny pocket.

... yes Elina haves tiny pocket with tiny money.

Luckily family did help with Elina because she do not

have any sponsor or support with money problems.

Spring did come and at next summer in the website was many

different style... but it was hard... but Elina says

"but Im happy I did it! learned again much new,

I will be soon more genius than Einstein it self hehe... or maybe not"

Teija did encourage Elina, "early times it's very hard and super slow... but it will

turn out loud in some point, do your best, I know you can"



starting at end of 2019

Elina haves started to make a Short

documentary episodes about all chapter what are coming in here and about the process for fashion shows,

Documentary video to youtube.

Here you can see the video trailer

of upcoming.

Elina does all editions, cutting, videos.

There comes also pictures from Japan travels! stay in tune ♡


Fashion fashion, FASHION

Much have happened between the years. As 2016 Elina was in Arto Nyberg show  for interview .11.2016

after that at Yle radio. You can found these interviews  from YoutubeEeWedesign- Chanel.

From Vancouver fashion week, there have come to Elina messages that they want She to them show...

Elina would love to join but she needs partner and investor to go and right now, for continuing she needs help.

Also from Milano, Italy and again from London have come informations for going to Fashion Events.

2019 comes new fashion collection, mini mass products to online shop.

With that She haves work with now very often. Elina also tries to make some cosplay costumes between this all.

Now 2019-2020 Elina have stated Game design school so those pictures also comes to media at online.

.3.2019 JAPAN TRAVEL video and .4.2019 LONDON TRAVEl video is also under a progress to YOUTUBE.

Elinas style is very complicated and colorful harmony. Mix of different things and all kinds of patterns.

Right now Elina is using other designers fabrics but near future when things goes forward she is planning to start for using she's own fabrics. Elina did make for 2019.4.12. Helsinki vip fashion Event a small collection

(you can buy designs from that collection from here)

Elina's made designs are ART, art that can be wear.  New designs what she haves upcoming are futuristic styles. Elina is waiting for big show to show she's skills to the world.



Busy fashion Spring

2018.11.-9. Elina did have a at work trainee student for helping with older designs for continuing forward. Trainee didn’t have much industry experience and with he’s life problems Elina thought is better for he to stop it earlier than it was planned. But they did get much done and it was helping Elina very much when he was as trainee with she at fashion works. Even in the end with he’s problems where so huge that it didin’t end well with he but Elina hope’s for he a good year to come and for he to passing the school of his.


2018.12. A lot did happen this month but main is that Elina is now continuing and trying to found a new road. She also did staretd to make a new cosplay costume for february. Also this time Elina decide that going to London 2019.4.

fashion presentation in Pullman hotel.


2019.1. Elina have been making wedding dresses for london show and get done one of them. then end of January she did get invitation from helsinki to a fashion event and Elina did say -yes i come,. i can made it…. (can I?) she thought… And early of February is Cosplay meeting so she did have to make a new costume to there in time.


2019.2. Elina did make dresses to london show, there was only one ready, second as half and third not even started and fourth just scratches… Early of that month, Elina visited at cosplay meeting in Lahti with new costume (Menphisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist) At February Elina noticed that right now is application period time for game design art school and Elina thought that this is one thing what i have always wanted to do. so elina applicated there.


2019.3. end of march, Elina did visit at Japan, tokyo, osaka, kyoto and kanazawa. (At this autumn she makes a video to youtube from the travel) There Elina did visit to see old friends and having a little holiday also having a business. At tokyo Elina did visit at fashion world tokyo for searching a partner but she did discover that that place was only sellers, and what Elina searched was partnership and investor what she couldn’t found there. earlier of march Elina did get done almost all designs for London show. only one silver dress was half way, it will go also to helsinki show so she left it later.


2019.4. first week of april Elina did go to fashion show in Helsinki for showing special collection with Oshima Tsumugi’s silk fabric. Even Elina asked kindly could she be in background for helping models for wearing art clothings but the answer was no and so two of She’s clothes where weared wrongly. middle of april Eina did visit at 2 school test and did bracise also for it same time as sewing, also trying to get life status from finland to be stable what was hard. End of April Elina did make until 12 ‘olock till night day before going to london as making silver dress details ready and all is done. Elina did hope much more easier time but she did get all done.


Starting from 2019.6. Elina did meet ms. Tamio at Helsinki and showing places there. Also having a business meeting, talking about cooperation. Tamio is japanese sun-umbrella maker, making collection with styling fabrics together and making japanese style umbrellas for sunny day use. Elina have started to make a collection with Tamio as making a CUTE THEME bag -collection.

Elina did just visit at England at 2019.4. and from there she had a idea for new bag collection tea time. after london trip she met Tamio. Tsamio did choose fabrics from japanese kimono silk fabric and now .7-.8.2019 Elina did get it and have started to work with Elina’s sever Teija a prototype bg. Also same time Elina makes the london style bag. Making bags it’s easier to make same time because distances are far so Elina have been waited tammy’s fabric and then same time going to Teija’s place to make all designs done.


Working with Tamio, design cooperation is as she schoos fabrics and together

Elina they choose bags style, then Elina adds there she’s style/art and Teiya will complete the bag.

(To instagram comes progress pictures @ official_eewedesign )


Even Elina tried to school where she wanted, Elina got 71 points from 82… Elina did notice that time that she did forgot the drawing/illustrations with she from leaving the test room…

so that did decide the fate for next upcoming year, -I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING


I have to do something about this…


2019.7. family and friends where for Elina recreational and then one 

family familiar did notice me that there little far but a school where i can go and it takes a one year…. Also this month Elina did visit at Lahti and Hyvinkää at cosplay meetings with new costumes what she had make at same time with this all mess before now.

There Elina have started to piling up new friends and Elina feels after long years, now i am A life again and breathing, last six years have been very frustrating because everything seems to be stuck and Elina didn’t have the greatest time even it might been seemed so.


2019.8. School stated and Elina is super happy because She noticed that this is one calling for she. Elina have been from childhood been very interested in the mind the movie 3d animation and this course gives Elina the experience and knowledge about that industry… She loves to make things and because Elina is a designer as mind, she gets all time new ideas and thoughts and with this career she can do it also. Same time after school Elina makes fashion clothes and nec bag collections with tammy and she’s own witch have same theme.


2019.9. Elina have at early of September a cosplay meeting so now She is making it ready.



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