See World as

Elina sees it. 

Elina's idea world is Light, Colorful. lively and a Happy, Smiling to the world even the world did not smile for she, now it is starting to notice Elina's hard work and smile's has started already to flow everywhere,

At Elina's Designs you can also see she's feelings, thoughts, idea and the world is sad so She is not letting it to make Elina sad too. Strongly forward and here we go!

See Elina's art by clicking the button bellow and we hope you like what you see,

there're more to come and here you do not see all. Every day comes new! As you see these websites, they are fully Elina's hand work! all color choices, fonts styles, themes, background have been chosen and made by Elina. She has "Eye of Harmony".

All ready Elina has more than 1 340 peaces of designs of clothings, but now theres already more, the count was last 2017 autumn.... now there are more than 1 800...

Elina hopes to show to peoples in the world that she has new bright ideas!

Mind is like a







Elina did make this character add

design at last year, 2017.12.

Also much more different styles

and editions can be done from

customers wishes.

read more here

Able to design all kinds of things!

just take a contact


Do you have a interest to buy 

some EeWeDesigns?

We can sell rights for Designs to companies


Unique designs are possible just

made for you.

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By hand and by...


Elina likes to do. art in many ways.

Most by computer, more faster.

Elina can design inside 3 hours more than 120 clothing.

Oil colors and watercolors are also she's favorite art styles.


By hand and by...


By hand and computer Elina makes

Designs and creates unique styles

EeWeDesign can do much else designs,

Mainly in Clothing.


All kinds of art ideas


Questions & Media contact address

⦿ eewedesign (at) gmail (dot) com

Suport Elina's work from Here

Tue Elinan työtä täältä.

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