Elina Wättö- Collection Zer0 2013-2017

Inside of 6 year's before the company did came to alive, this collection was made.

Here's pictures from 2013-2017. There are totally as 43 peaces, every one

has not yet been photographed.

Inside of year 2018 all clothes will come here whit new picture's. Now the clothes are a part of Elina's history.

You can see Elina's handprint on the works and more to come. 2019 Elina will go to

London and to Tokyo Fashion Week.



       2 0 1 8


               in Tokyo


 Winter Jacket

   Dragon Flame Flow


       2 0 1 8

  Umi no koe


Questions & Media contact address

⦿ eewedesign (at) gmail (dot) com

Suport Elina's work from Here

Tue Elinan työtä täältä.

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