At booking a time for meeting.

First we ask to send us a message where you can tell us what you are searching for.

At the right side you can see the message folder.

Please write to us, we answer soon as we can.

It there's no able to get meeting in person, we also can meet whit using Skype to contact.

One meeting takes one hour,

As for fine we charge from first meeting.

A: meeting 1 hour: 150€

B: meeting 2,5 hours: 200€


For in advance, we count the full total price for your order and 1/3 of the ordering price have to been paid then we start working. At First try before finishing the order 2/3 and after we have finished product customer can pay the rest of the bill.


This way is also comfortable method if the order goes high price. We make hard work and add much effort to our orders to make them last long and fit well for the customers wishes.

Thank you for understanding.

We kindly ask you too check these before booking.

-What is your budget for this?

Also we need to know -What is this clothing main use?

Ball-,Party-,Everyday-,Wedding- or any style what is in your mind, picture's of some clothings what you like and what you don't.

Have you readed already the - Before buying-Agreements -page?

if not, please read the page to know about the designs methods and important things you need to be agree whit us before buying.



Example, Ms. Saarinen

wanted a dress for fitting the

Opera singing and for playing

the violin. After meeting,

knowing the customer's budget was

Elina made with sewer a simple but clever design.

                               And choosing materials for fitting summer                                and winter. Customer did choose colors                                  what Elina did send. Still Ms. Saarinen is                                 using the dress and like's it very much                                     and I am happy to!

                              For making these kind of designs I enjoy most!


Questions & Media contact address

⦿ eewedesign (at) gmail (dot) com

Suport Elina's work from Here

Tue Elinan työtä täältä.

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