from 2012 it's have started and at 2018

it did get a Official name as

E - Elina


W - Wättö


D - Design



The Members


Owner, designer & creator

Special art-, fashion designer FromNorth, 

Santa Clause’s home country, Finland.

A young girl who is born talent, whit The harmony of colors, and with a specialty of a particular kind color using style of art and fashion style. 

Elina can also in a variety of other design work. Mostly fashionable design.

-The clothes I've designed are the Unique, from Future. I design clothes for both men and women.

Elina has  learn by she self made by self,  art and style. No one has never teach she how to it, only from school’s Elina have learned basics.

Shes Story is like a real Cinderella. 

-I was losing my shoe on the internet’s stairs and one step found the shoe and search for the owner, and found me, after that I got first step to it and moved by my self for next and forward.

Elina  Wättö

Motto is, モットは,

-Inspiraatiota ilmasta/


inspiration from the sky.

picture by Ofimia

Sewer & custom oders Dressmaker.

In co-operation with desinger Elina Wättö Teija works as the seamstress. She is educated tailor who is specified in leather sewing. She has worked over 40 years as a sewer in her own enterprise. She also plays steel-guitar in her Rockabilly band. 


Teija Hohenthal

Are you interested

to be a Assistant ?

Hello, Elina here. I am searching for Assistant.

In Finland. Are you the one I seek?

Click here to read more what it

takes to be a Assistant.

Online Kiitos-Shop


Elina has cooperate with the Kiitos shop from 2017.11.

At the shop has Unique Shirt collection at selling.

Soon comes new bag collections also.

There are in sell other designers products also.

Visit here to see Kiitos shop Home Website.

SevenOn GlassArt Shop


She's Glass Artist and haves in Hamina and at Helsinki

a Glass art shop. Also she has now whit Elina cooperation.

Customer's can also find Elina's design Bags at Helsinki whit Anne's beautiful champagne glass as set.

Here is Link to Anne Takase's Glass art Shop in Helsinki

Anne Takanen

Also There is many

other people around here,

who I would like​

to say thanks...

and its a great thank you to

all to be here!


Questions & Media contact address

⦿ eewedesign (at) gmail (dot) com

Suport Elina's work from Here

Tue Elinan työtä täältä.

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